Seismic 2000 Construction

Seismic 2000 Construction Limited (Seismic 2000) grew from humble beginnings in the mid 90’s.

Company founder and president, Doug Kazakoff, has been instrumental in building the business to where it is today: a respected and competent bridge construction and rehabilitation contractor.

Seismic 2000 is a specialist in structural projects. Our bridge work has included new bridge construction (both concrete and steel girders), rehabilitation of existing bridges, seismic retrofits of structures, pedestrian bridges and rebuilding and repair of wooden trestles. Our Concrete work has included work with BC Hydro Sub-stations, Cast-in-place retaining walls and a variety of concrete repair projects.

Seismic 2000 has undertaken projects ranging from a few hundred thousand to five million dollars. Our ability to innovate and a flexible approach has allowed us to find unique solutions in the successful completion of projects in remote areas, tight access and environmentally sensitive conditions.

Being a bridge builder most of the projects we are involved in are in or adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas. Through both necessity and our respect for the environment we have developed excellent protocols and procedures for mitigating the effects of our construction activities.

Seismic 2000 is comprised of a diverse team of management professionals who provide Project Management and Administrative assistance to our site personnel. We also provide technical support in the form of project planning, compiling of work procedures, compliance with statutory regulations and client feedback and liaison.

Seismic 2000 is committed to Total Quality Management (TQM) principles which ensure that best practices are documented and continually improved on. Through constant measurement and feedback we are able to develop our field personnel to ensure our clients receive projects of the highest standard.