About Us

For a quarter century, we have been connecting British Columbians with our exceptional infrastructure construction and rehabilitation services.

A family-run company, we were founded in the mid-nineties by Doug and Winona Kazakoff. We are proud of the reputation we have earned as a contractor with unshakeable integrity and industry-leading capability. Our institutional and private clients trust us to deliver safe, high quality results while respecting timelines and budgets. We never take that trust for granted.

We build and rehabilitate:

  • Bridges, including concrete and steel girders, seismic retrofits, and wooden trestles.
  • Concrete structures,including BC Hydro sub-stations and cast-in-place retaining walls.


We are innovative, flexible, and focused on providing maximum value for investment. We can always find unique and cost-effective ways to complete projects in remote areas with tight access and environmentally sensitive conditions. We have become experts in persevering to the finish line with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Between our project managers, administrators, and on-site specialists, we have a seamless approach to collaboration. Plus, all of your bases are covered with Seismic 2000: we offer project planning, work procedure compilation, statutory regulation compliance, and client feedback and liasing.

We Have a diverse team of management professionals & site specialists

Finally, we are commited to Total Quality Management(TQM) principles. That means we keep track of our best practices and always find ways to improve them. In the end, our client always get the best work we’re capable of delievering-and we’re capable of great things.

Our culture

As a family owned and run business, we are in it for the long -term-both for our clients and for one another. For us, a day with Seismic could never be “just another workday”. It’s where we show up to communicate honestly, work with integrity, and tackle our goals, one by one. We persevere. With every project, we’re building off our roots for a lasting legacy.

We build the Infrastructure that connects british columbians.

We do it with integrity, every day.