Campbell Bridge

Project Description

Removal of existing bridge bearings and supply, fabrication, testing and installation of new seismic isolation bearings, Modifications to existing substructure and superstructure to accommodate new bearings, including the supply and construction of new jacking corbels, and construction of new bearing plinths, New structural bolts to replace existing corroded rivets, Repairs to existing steelwork, Concrete repairs, Removal of existing steelwork coating and recoating of the bridge within the extends shown on the drawings and Supply and installation of new stainless-steel shrouds at each deck opening.

Project Location

Campbell River Bridge No. 00738 on the North Island Highway No. 19 and approximately 100m north of the intersection with the Gold River Highway No. 28

Duration of Project

June 2018-Jan 2019

Project Owner

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Estimated Value