CN Structural Repairs, Transload Facility

Project Description

Design, supply, and installation of permanent soil anchors. Removal, salvaging, storing, and reinstallation of the existing upper steel roof. Removal and replacement of three existing structural steel columns supporting the lower steel roof. Demolition of the existing cast-in-place concrete slab, integral beams, and concrete columns. Temporary shoring of the portion of lower roof. Supply, fabrication, and erection of structural steel stringers, beams and columns. Reconstruction of reinforced concrete slab. Repair of concrete slab surface delamination. Application of concrete coating to soffit and side faces of existing concrete slab, integral beams, and columns. Replacement of the east side slab repair. Install lock block retaining wall.

Project Location

Ashcroft, British Columbia

Duration of Project

February 2012 - August 2012

Project Owner

Canadian National Railway Company

Estimated Value

$696,500.00 Final Value $1,343,41.29