Horseshoe Bay Overpass

Project Description

The general nature of the Work to be carried out under the Contract consists of the following; Off-Site disposal of demolished and unsuitable materials, Traffic Management, Quality Management, Environmental management, Mobilization/Demobilization, Site clean-up and restoration. The Work will involve most common aspects of highway construction, as well as, without limitation, the following complex or unusually aspects; Supply and installation of new structural steelwork, Supply and installation of bearing assemblies, Modification and over-coating of existing structural steel work, Replacement of existing sealed joints and compression seals, Removal, supply and installation of concrete barriers, Partial removal of concrete curbs and Concrete repairs.

Project Location

Located under the Trans-Canada Highway No. 1 overpass, approx. 1km south of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, LKI Segment 0502 km 0.78 to 1.13, adjacent to Marine Drive.

Duration of Project

September 2020- Current

Project Owner

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Estimated Value