Jessica Bridge No. 02724-Deck Renewal and Erosion Works and Carolin Bridge No. 02767-Erosion Protection Works

Project Description

Rehabilitation of Jessica Bridge decks on both structures (02724E and 02724W) including; Raising the superstructure; Replace all bearings; Remove seismic restrainers at the bridge piers and abutments; Demolish and reconstruct the concrete bridge deck, parapets, abutment wing walls, parapet steel railings and deck drains of the end spans; Remove the top of the existing concrete deck and install deck reinforcement, modify deck drains and cast fibre reinforced silica fume concrete overlay; Remove existing pier expansion joints and construct deck link slabs over the piers; Remove existing abutment expansion joints and the top of the ballast wall and construct grade beams, ballast walls and install new compression seal joints at deck ends; Repair the concrete substructure; Re-profile the approach lanes at each end of the bridge and re-install approach barriers; Remove half-CSP drain troughs at abutments and fill erosion holes with gravel; Install new CDB-E and rip rap spillways; Install missing bracing and railing bolts and tighten existing bolts; Install jacking pedestals (end spans only); Remove center span end diaphragms and install steel jacking diaphragm and steel cantilever support brackets (main span only); Install embankment and the river channel erosion protection; rip rap channelization works on both banks of the Coquihalla River in the vicinity of both bridge structures.

Project Location

Jessica Bridge is located 17km East of Hope along Hwy 5 Coquihalla near Sowaqua Creek Road Exit 192. Carolin Bridge is located 3km east of Jessica Bridge along Hwy 5 near Carolin Mine Road Exit 195.

Duration of Project

July 2021-Terminated due to BC Floods November 2021

Project Owner

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Estimated Value


Jessica Bridge No 02724

Carolin Bridge No. 02767