Todd Creek

Project Description

The Capital Regional District(CRD) is undertaking a rehabilitation of the Todd Creek Trestle Bridge (Trestle) near Sooke, B.C. Many of the trestle’s timber bants,bracing and stringers have deteriorated over the past 60 years, and in inspection in the summer of 2017 indicated it was no longer safe for public use. The objective of the Project is generally to rehabilitate the existing all-timber trestle and therby provide many decades of safe and enjoyable use by the public. Successful completion of this Project will deliever a unique and authentic experience for cyclists and pedestrians using the Galloping Goose Regional Trail near Sooke, B.C. The work includes the replacement of the deteriorated members only, and in some cases the replacement of a portion of specifc members.

Project Location

Sooke Potholes Regional Park, Galloping Goose Regional Trail 35

Duration of Project

July 2019-October 2020

Project Owner

Capital Regional Districts

Estimated Value