Wardner and Wasa Bridge

Project Description

Quality Management, Traffic Management, Temporary Work Platforms at Piers, Remove and Replace Deck Joint Seals, Jacking of Superstructure, Remove and replace Girder Bearings, Remove and Repair deteriorated substructure concrete, Remove and Repair deteriorated girder, diaphragm and overhang concrete, Supply and Install Steel Angle Drip Edge, Supply and Install New and Modified Deck Drains, Complete Curb Repairs and Reseal Curb Control Joints at Piers, Site Cleanup and Restoration

Project Location

Wardner Bridge No. 0672 is located on Highway No. 3/93 approximately 35 kilometers east of Cranbrook, B.C. - Wasa Bridge No. 1438 is located on Highway No. 93/95 approximately 40 kilometers north of Cranbrook, B.C.

Duration of Project

WASA- April 28, 2015- April 6, 2016 WARDNER- March 16, 2016- July 18, 2016

Project Owner

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Estimated Value

$1,982,694.20 Final Value $2,112,549.13

Wasa Bridge

Wardner Bridge